Album: Fecal Fuck Stick Split (2015)

Song: Graveyard Poop / Shittin' on the Dead

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Sikfuk began in Late 2001 in Columbia, SC, USA. Started out as 3 piece band. 6 song demo Maggots Gorelore was recorded and that brought quick interest to the band from United Guttural Records and they released the first Sikfuk album Gore Delicious in the summer of 2002. In 2003 the 3 song Fingercuffing the Beheaded demo was recorded. 2 of those 3 songs were used on a Russian label comp titled United Colours of Gore and was released by Not like most Records. All 3 songs were later used in 2006 for a split cd for the repress of Kretan Christian Corpse Mutilation (Kretan was Nik Blanton and Mark Rawls of Sikfuk) on Comatose Music. By mid 2005 both the bass player and drummer had left the band. A new drummer was added in mid 2005 and the band relocated to St.Paul, MN and in the fall of 2006 Teabagged At Birth was released on Goregiastic Records. In the fall of 2007 Sikfuk decided to go solo and use a drum machine. 2008 was spent writing new material for the first time as a one man project. In 2009 Sikfuk landed a deal with Comatose Records and released the album Shitfisted Superman... The Man of Stool that fall. Sikfuk went through a brief hiatus in late 2010 to late 2011 and then relocated to Madison, WI. 2012 was spent writing new music and reinventing the Sikfuk sound adding more influences of goregrind, grindcore and power violence to it's already whacked out version of guttural brutal death metal. In July of 2013 Pathologically Explicit Recordings released the Sikfuk/Demented Retarded split, "Miss Pavian...Bound, Gagged, Dunked." In 2014 Sikfuk began working on new material for a split release with one man Canadian Porn/Goregrind band EFRO. 8 new songs were recorded for that in Oct. 2014 and will be released on Splatter Zombie Records in early 2015.